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A 3D perspective line drawing of the Climax Class A locomotive model.
A 3D perspective view of the Climax Class A locomotive model designed by Ed Hume.

Live steamers and metalworking hobbyists will be delighted with this comprehensive work covering the design, construction, painting, and commissioning of a working steam locomotive model.  The Climax Class A locomotive was the original Climax model with a two-cylinder upright motor combined with a two-speed transmission and skew bevel gears.  This 3-foot narrow-gauge model for Gauge 1 track comes to life as 661 drawings, 358 color photographs, and detailed fabrication guidance all meld and resonate in the mind.

But wait!  This book is not just about building a locomotive model. Here is a source book of current shop techniques where CNC machining one-off parts is a paragraph and a photo away from old school soldering, bending and filing.  Makers and doers will find the fabrication tips and advice to be invaluable.  Detailed plans are also included for a carrier and case, test rollers, a stack blower, and an E-clip grooving tool for the lathe.  Do not overlook the computer files that accompany the book on the publisher’s download site.  Where else will you find software program code to cut skew bevel gears and mill parabolic headlight dishes?

pages showing wheel fabrication
Pages 26-27 on Wheel Fabrication
Book Pages From Butane Tank Section
Pages 152-153 on Butane Tank Fabrication
Line Drawing of the Climax Class A Motor Assembly
Climax Class A Motor Assembly
Line Drawing of Guidance for Line Shaft Machining
Figure 6-23 of the Climax A book.
Line drawing of step 1 of gear cutting instructions
Figure 5-6 of the Climax A book.

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