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image of the Climax A book front cover
The cover shows the author’s locomotive model pulling a log train at Zube Park in Houston Texas.

ISBN-10: 1545404895
ISBN-13: 978-1545404898

A Climax Class A Live Steam Locomotive Model

by Ed Hume

Here is a delightful new book on building a 1:20.3 scale locomotive model for Gauge 1 track.  The beautifully detailed plans include 3D perspective drawings and fabrication guidance for the locomotive which incorporates a shop-made butane burner, oil and water pumps, and a faithful model of the Climax A upright motor and transmission.  The plans include accessories such as a machined carrier, case, stack blower, and an E-clip grooving tool.  There are over 661 drawing figures, 358 color photos, and 261 large 8-1/2″ x 11″ pages loaded with building tips and advice including coverage of CNC methods. DXF and G-code files are available for download. (MORE…)

About the Author Ed Hume

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