The Reviews Are In!

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We couldn’t be more pleased with the reviews of the Hume Climax A book that have appeared recently in the leading American magazines for our hobby.

First, David Brush, the Editor of Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading, writing in the January/February 2018 issue begins with “This remarkable new publication…”.  In his article we find: …”excellent step-by-step guide”… “detailed instructions written in an easy-to-read style, beautiful drawings created with 3D CAD software, and sharp, well-lit photos.” … “very enjoyable read” … and so forth. We could hardly imagine how the review could be more positive. Thank you David!

But the good news does not end there. Later in the month we received the Winter 2017 issue of Digital Machinist magazine with a 3 page review by Mike Massee.  Mike is a Contributing Editor to LS&ORR and is well known for his Builder’s Showcase series of articles.  Mike refers to Ed Hume’s Climax book as an “astonishing new volume” and goes on to explain how the book embraces the digital machining era with step-by-step construction advice that shows how to take advantage of CNC, yet does not neglect the builder with manual tools.  When talking about the notes from Live Steam University, he refers to the advice being “presented in an entertaining, colloquial manner that is far less dry that your average textbook or instruction manual.”  Thank you Mike!